Aug 25, 2011

Author Guest Post : Patricia Eimer author of Luck of the Devil

Today I'm excited to have a special guest author visiting Seeing Night Reviews. Everyone give a warm welcome to Author Patricia Eimer who has just released her novel Luck of the Devil with Entangled Publishing. Today she'll be answering a fun question, If she could be anyone who would it be?

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In my real life job – which I don’t like to tell people about because it’s amazingly boring – we were looking at composite benchmarking the other day. For those of you who aren’t in on the boring corporate speak that’s when  you look at something within your company (say the customer click through rate on your company website) and then compare it to other companies in your industry, local area, price range, those who target similar customers, etc. 

It was incredibly boring but that’s not the point. Because I told you about that so I could tell you this. While I was bored out of my skull I started to think about what sort of composite author I would like to be. Sort of like when you were a kid, or even an adult, and said “If I could look like anyone I’d have Angelina Jolie’s lips, Halley Berry’s figure…” 

This distracted me for quite a while but I thought about who I would want to be if I could be SUPER ME. 

I would want JK Rowling’s mastery of the technical art of storytelling. No matter what you think of Harry Potter as a set of novels I don’t think anyone can deny that they are a technical masterpiece. They are the modern novel equivalent of the Sistine Chapel.

One Day
Then I’d want David Nicholls fresh way of seeing a story. One Day rocked my mind and made me think of all the new ways that you could maneuver a story around. It also makes you think about your own life. If you could take a snapshot of yourself on just one day each year how would you change? How would you stay the same? 

After that I’d want to have Nicole Peeler’s ability to see knew forms of paranormals and make them come alive. I’d have never thought about using the child of a selkie to base a series around. When I see water I think mermaids. And then I wonder about how they… well, you know. I’ve never figured out where they keep either Tab A or Slot B. Then I get completely off track because I’m juvenile that way. 

You Slay MeNext, I’d want Katie MacAlister’s ability to see the spin off potential in each of her characters. Aisling Grey led to the series on the Silver Dragons which led to the stories of the Light Dragons. I mean, how versatile a mind do you need to have to see all these different stories in the same world without getting bored yourself? 

And finally, I would want Mary Janice Davidson’s sense of humor. Because I can honestly say I’ll never write a vampire novel because my heroines just won’t live up to Betsey the Vampire Queen in my head. I love Betsey so much that my car is even named after her. (Don’t worry, Betsey fans: the car is an awesome yellow VW Beetle). 

But, as my mother always says, you can’t be who you’re not. Which once you get past the obvious logic in that statement is pretty deep. You can’t be who you’re not. And, as a writer, I can’t write to mimic anyone else’s voice. Not well at least. I think that’s probably why even partially plagiarized books are never really that good. 

So, while I can’t make myself a composite of those authors I can still study their books and try to learn as much as I can from them to make myself a better writer. Besides, it gives me the chance to read some of my favorite authors again and again. For technical purposes, of course. 

And if you haven’t picked any of these authors up, consider the recommendations a bit of advice from me to you. I can’t give you advice on much else but all of those authors should be on your To Be Read List. Along with all the amazing debut authors from Entangled, obviously!  

After a stint of “practical thinking” in her twenties where she earned degrees in Business and Economics, Patricia Eimer gave in and followed her passion for books.  Her first novel, Luck of the Devil, is coming out August 2011 from Entangled Publishing.

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