Jul 7, 2011

Follow Friday! and Blog Hop {18}

Question this week from parajukee

Q. What is the worst book you have read that you have actually finished?

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)A.  I know that many people would be surprised, but Breaking Dawn to me was such a disappointment. I was really excited to read this and even when I worked for Borders Books, I held a huge event for the midnight release for many fans. In the end after finishing it in one night, I was upset with what happen with many characters, how the big dramatic fight scene never came and that Jacob's character did a 180. I just was not a fan but its only my opinion and I loved the first three.  

Question of the week: Crazy-For-Books

Q. Post about and link a giveaway from a fellow blogger.

The Light of Asteria (The Kailmeyra Series)A.  Reading Angel is having a giveaway for Elizabeth Issacs book Lights of Asteria. I really want to read this book, go visit RA's site and enter!



  1. Don't worry! You are definitely not the first person to have this on as their worst book for this week :)

    I'm a new follower! You can check out my FF post for this week at the link below-- have an awesome weekend!

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  2. Hey! Stopping by. Breaking Dawn is not my fav but I don't like it as much as I love Twilight.

    Have a nice weekend!



  3. I totally agree -- Breaking Dawn was a disaster.

    Reader's Refuge

  4. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I chose Breaking Dawn this week as well..

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    Have a nice weekend..

  5. I read Twilight and enjoyed it but couldn't get through any of the others in the series.

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    Have a great weekend.

  6. Breaking Dawn is my least favourite of the series as well. Happy weekend.

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  8. I love Twilight, seriously LOVE, but I still haven't read Breaking Dawn. Why Nina? Well, I have heard from a lot of people that it SUCKS. And hearing about what happens in the book I have to agree with them! ;( So yes, I'm going to read it before I watch the movie, but still I really don't want too! ;)

    I came here trough the HOP! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I've seen this answer a couple of times already on this Follow Friday question, so it seems to be a highly un-liked book. Breaking Dawn didn't really bother me that much. I thought some of the scenes were really strange, but lots of paranormal and fantasy scenes are, so I was okay with that. I am very interested in seeing where they're gonna go with these scenes in the upcoming movie, however! Should be very interesting!!!

  10. Hi! I haven't read the Twilight series (shocking I know!) but I am going to tackle it someday...

    Happy Friday, I am your newest follower :)

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  11. Hey!

    I definitely agree with you on breaking dawn. The end was boring with no action or emotion. I loved the other 3 books though.

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  12. I salute all the brave souls that soldier on to finish a bad book. I could never do that. I never have and I can’t imagine I ever will.

    This week’s Follow Friday question is an excellent companion to last week’s Book Blogger Hop question.

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    Read both my Book Blogger Hop post last week and my Follow Friday post this week and you’ll get the bigger picture of how my mind works. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! [grin]

    Thank G-d It’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  13. I didn't care for Breaking Dawn either. The whole story felt like a cop out to me. It was the biggest let down. I'm already a follower! My Follow Friday is at Coffee Table Reviews

  14. Hopping through. I didn't like Breaking Dawn at first either. It wasn't what I wanted. I got used to it later and learned to really like it.
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