Jul 19, 2011

Comic Con 2011 Vlog Update

Hello Followers!! Kristen your Seeing Night Reviews Hostess!
One more day till the official opening of Comic Con International 2011 and I'm going to be there all four days checking out the new show, movies, comic and of course all of our favorite upcoming books and favorite authors.

I'm going to be collecting lots of swag through out the week and I'm hoping to give some goodies away and possibly even some ARCs if I get my hands on doubles somehow. Be on the lookout for my Tweets because I'm going to be doing random giveaways of swag I get from comic con!

Follow me on Twitter for the random giveaways starting officially tomorrow!

Now for the Vlog update!

Did I repeat myself?? Haha Well its my first vlog to bare with me :)


  1. Have fun! Comic-Con looks awesome this year. Wish I was going. I am dying to check out the Penguin booth especially! I am going to follow you on Twitter right now!

  2. I am envious. I would love to go. I'm going to try to go to the one in NY this October. Looking forward to all your updates!

  3. Interesting.


  4. Ooh have fun!! I'm hoping to go to the one in NYC for the fist time. Will be living vicariously through you for now!