May 10, 2011

{Review} Eden by Michelle Haley

Eden by Michelle Haley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Ya Paranormal Romance
THEME: Immortals
RECEIVED: From Author
AUTHOR: Michelle Haley Blog
PURCHASE: Amazon - on Kindle/Print
When Arianna meets a mysterious stranger, she is taken to a mystical place called Eden. The secrets she finds there will have the ability to alter and extend her life forvever. She will have to choose between the icy-eyed boy she dreams of and her best friend and protector while having the adventure of a lifetime. Eden is an edgy twist on a timeless legend

I was contact by Michelle about her novel Eden and was very excited to get a copy of it after reading the synopsis.  I love books that have a kick of mystery and paranormal elements, plus being a romance I couldn’t resist.

The book starts out introducing you to Arianna, the lead female who at a young age had to cope with a family tragedy. Growing up with her best and only friend by her side Gabriel she lives a semi normal life with her uncle and grandmother. Gabriel is everything a girl would want, protective, funny and all around great guy. Arianna and him are inseparable…until a long lost relative comes to visit.

Arianna’s life take a whole new turn when her Aunt Ava comes to have her stay with her over the summer. The story goes through the mysterious background of their family, how they are connected to a man whom Arianna seems to remember from her dreams. It’s a whirlwind adventure with wonderful characters and romance.

The romance in this is a major love triangle that has you biting your nails. You want her to choose but then you don’t because your heart just keeps going back and forth. I found myself screaming team Gabriel… now it’s your turn to read and see whom you will choose.

The mystery and paranormal element to this story is a nice refreshing change and actually something I have never read before. I really enjoyed it and all the challenges it gave the characters. But I do say this is a hugely based character story and there are so many that you’ll love. Unfortunately I was a little bothered by the lead Arianna, she just irritated me with her indecisiveness, and she almost contradicted herself most of the time.  This was the hardest part for me with the book; I just couldn’t get myself to agree with her decisions. But this is only my opinion and I loved all the other leads. I read this all in one sitting even though Eden is a good size read, I just really needed to know what happened, this is definitely a book to check out.

This is a young adult novel that fans of C.C. Hunter and Kristie Cook books with definitely enjoy this YA paranormal romance.

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  1. Hi Kristen :)

    Thanks for this great and thorough review, I enjoyed reading your thoughts a lot. The plot sounds interesting and I think i'd like to give this book a try, despite the indecisiveness of the lead character :)

    Congrats on getting this book from the author herself! :)

  2. Thanks so much Evie, I you should definitely read Eden the story is very original and has a great pace and romace plot :) glad you enjoyed my review.