May 30, 2011

{Review} Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton

Blood Magic (Blood Journals, #1)Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton (Blood Journals #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Paranormal
THEME: Magic/Immortal
RECEIVED: Received for Review Random House
AUTHOR: Tessa Grattons' Site

This page-turning debut novel will entice fans who like their paranormal romances dark and disturbing. It's a natural next-read for fans of Stephanie Meyer, Carrie Jones, and Becca Fitzpatrick. But instead of mythical creatures, blood magic has everything to do with primal human desires like power, wealth, and immortality.

Everywhere Silla Kennicott turns she sees blood. She can't stop thinking about her parents alleged murder-suicide. She is consumed by a book filled with spells that arrives mysteriously in the mail. The spells share one common ingredient: blood, and Silla is more than willing to cast a few. What's a little spilled blood if she can uncover the truth? And then there's Nick—the new guy at school who makes her pulse race. He has a few secrets of his own and is all too familiar with the lure of blood magic. Drawn together by a combination of fate and chemistry, Silla and Nick must find out who else in their small Missouri town knows their secret and will do anything to take the book and magic from Silla


When I first saw the cover for Blood Magic I was immediately drawn to mysterious dark tone of what the novel was going to be about. The cover pretty much speaks for what this book is. It’s a beautifully dark novel and an emotional journey of greed, power, and love.

Tessa Grattons’ writing was absolutely enthralling to me as a reader, not only for her well-written characters but her detail in the setting for where this story takes place. A lot of the story in near or in a cemetery and the descriptions that Gratton explains really made me almost feel like I was sitting there reading in a cemetery, I’m not kidding. I could picture the headstones, the trees, and the houses of each character. I loved it.

The characters were wonderfully written in Blood Magic. Silla the lead character is this strong teenaged girl, who has just lost both of her parents. She once was a happy and energetic girl but after the incident she started to fade away from everyone.  Nick, her new neighbor and boy in town is the mysterious and handsome type of guy. Like Silla he is missing something and is broken because of his parents. I loved the chemistry between Nick and Silla it really added a lighter touch in the book with their relationship. Then there is Reese, Sillas’ older brother whom I just fell for; I loved his protective nature with Silla and his little nickname for her “bumblebee.” He was definitely my favorite character.

Silla is given a book from a mysterious person who knew her dad. As she and her brother learn the secrets and magic within the book, they find out someone else wants what they have.  I loved the mystery behind who is after them and who it might possibly be. I enjoyed guessing and trying to solve whom this person is and what power they might have along with Silla, Reese and Nick.

I really enjoyed the change of POV from Nick to Silla. It gave the book the intensity that was behind what was happening. Between each POV was a journal written from the past the eventually connects to the future. When everything started to come together I was surprised, it was such a fantastic twist.

This was a incredible story, which I seriously never knew what was going to happen. I had my guesses and was surprised over and over again. This is a very dark book with lots of blood and minor violence but that should be obvious from the title. I can’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil anything; I highly recommend this to everyone, read this a.s.a.p. And can’t wait to see was Gratton writes next!


This is a young adult novel with very dark and to some disturbing situations. For fans of paranormal romances like Carrie Jones and Melissa Marr this is the book for you.

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  1. I don't have this one yet but I'll have to get it soon :)

    Great review!

  2. i like movies and books that make me sit bolt upright during the night screamin my head off this onee seems completely capable ofd that thanks for the chance to try speck135les at yahoo

  3. I loved your review, Ive had Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton on my book list for awhile now, but after reading your review I'm going to try to read it sooner. its sounds like a great read.

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