May 4, 2011

{Interview & Giveaway} of Released by Megan Duncan

I had the opportunity to interview Megan Duncan about her fantastic debut book Released, the first in her Agents of Evil Series. Id like to Thank Megan for letting me read and review your book Released it was such an honor.

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SNR: Dystopian/Apocalyptic Novels are all the craze right now. What gave you the idea for writing one and with demons?
MD: Don’t ask me why, because I haven’t quite figured it out yet but I love apocalyptic books and movies.  For some reason beyond comprehension the stories of the end of the world as we know are fascinating to me.  I saw that most popular books in that genre right now involve mainly only zombies, but I wanted to try and put a different twist on it by creating a demon apocalypse in my book Released.  I chose to use demons because I feel like it offers a lot more freedom to create the story and to venture away from the average zombie/infectious outbreak. Plus I think demons are a lot scarier than zombies any day of the week. :-)

SNR: What made you decide to write a young adult novel?
MD: I don’t think I consciously chose to write in young adult.  That is the genre I most enjoying to read in and I believe it just felt natural to write in it as well.

SNR: What was your favorite part about writing Released?
MD: My favorite part about writing Released was creating a strong female lead in the story.  I wanted her to be tough but also compassionate toward the other survivors with her and I enjoyed creating her personality.  I also really liked making my own demons.  In book two, there will be more demons and quite a few that weren’t described in Released.

SNR: If you could be anyone of your characters who would it be and why? I would definitely be Abby, she kick some butt!
MD: Great minds think alike.  I would definitely choose Abby as well.  I love that she is strong and tough even though it is hard for her sometimes because she is scared as well.  She always finds the courage to fight for those she loves even if her life depends on it.

SNR: Who are some of your favorite YA authors right now?
MD: Some of the most recent indie YA books I have read that I loved were Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher, Into the Shadows by Karly Kirkpatrick and I am currently reading Anathema by Megg Jensen.

SNR: What made you choose to do self-publishing?
MD: I chose to do self-publishing because I really liked the freedom to write at my own pace as well as the opportunity to get in touch with readers and fellow indies through blogs, Goodreads , Twitter and Facebook; as well as many other methods.  I think being an independent author really gives a writer unlimited opportunities and readers a multitude of stories to read that they would normally not have access to, which is a win, win for everyone.

SNR: Do you have anything you’re working on now that you can tell us about? I know the sequel will be out in the fall.
MD: I am currently finishing writing the first book in a vampire series titled, Savor.  It is a Paranormal Romance with a little bit of fantasy splashed in for good measure.  I plan to have at least three books in this series and the second is already titled, Indulge, with a new cover to be revealed soon.

Here is the synopsis:
When Claire Miller turned eighteen all she wanted to do was celebrate her birthday, but after a night on the town with her best friend she awakes to a visitor she never expected.  The rulers of her region, a vampire royal family, have chosen her to be turned as their new heir and vampire princess.  In a world fueled my the power of blood, Claire quickly discovers the vampire royal family is not what they seem and that she has secrets in her past, she never knew existed.

The sequel to Released is in the outlining stages and is titled Chaos.  I hope to have it out late summer or early fall and I will be working on the cover for it soon, so I can show everyone because I love, love doing covers.

Thank you so much for this interview and I hope everyone enjoys Released and checks out your upcoming new books!

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  1. In a Apocolyptic World if you could only bring 10 things with you to safety what would they be and why?

    Oh my, that is so hard! But this is things only, right? No people? Okay. Well, I would definitely bring books. I have to have something to entertain myself with and to try and forget the horror around me. Lol. Let's say.... 5? Then, are we assuming electricity is out? 'Cause in that case laptop, phone and Kindles are a bit worthless. And what about the food? Aah. To much to think off. Things... Well, perhaps I'd just take 10 books. Or 8 books and 2 Kindles, hoping for the best with the battery life. Don't need much else if I get to bring family and boyfriend along! And assuming food does not count, LOL.

    I also tweeted:!/kindlefever/status/65839998112501761

  2. Btw, great interview and review. The book sounds really good! So want to read it!

  3. I'd make sure I brought books, does each one count? Then I'd bring 5 books, reading glasses, lots of matches, a first aid kit, a knife, and a toolbox.

  4. Hm, that is a tough question. Ten things huh?
    1) Food and water (Does that count as two?)
    2) My pictures of my closest friends and relatives
    3) money, or my valuables, for trading.
    4) blankets, clothing
    5) a backpack filled with my books to keep me occupied
    6) my music. Can't leave home without it
    7) first aid kit. Always got to be cautious.
    8) Common bathroom supplies, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.
    9) flashlight
    10) the rest of my family. Is it bad to have included them last??? lol

    interesting book. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.


  5. My 10 things...
    1. My Family
    2. Family Photos
    3. My Pets
    4. Emergency First Aid kit
    5. Water Hydration Kit
    6. Knife/Blade
    7. Flint based fire making kit
    8. Manually rechargeable flashlights
    9. Survival Blankets that can double as a tarp.
    10. Compass and Map

  6. Great list everyone!! Its a hard question but its always good to be prepared lol :)

  7. I love reading everyones lists! Great question :-)