May 8, 2011

{Blog News} Need a Book Cover Design?

Hello! Are you an indie author is need of a eBook Cover?

As a Graphic Artist and Book lover I'm now officially offering my services to design eBook Covers for Authors in need of something unique. There are so many wonderful Indie Authors out there that I have met and read for and I hope I can create a special cover just for you :)

My portfolio and Samples can be found here: KDesigns
I also designed my header for Seeing Night Reviews if you wanted to get another taste of my style.

Price for eBook Cover: $90.00 plus stock image fees.
Email me for more information at:
Here are some cover samples:


  1. Thats a great price for ebook,I'll keep you in mind.Because I have couple manuscript I want to publish,and I was looking for a graphic designer...Is that a set price? Also how much do you charge for a header or a template?If you do it...

  2. Good luck with this! I have often admired your blog design.

    The samples also look great, book covers really do make such a huge difference.

  3. Thank you both! Its much appreciated to get feeback from fellow bloggers :)

    F.a Ellis yes for the ebook its a set price for 90 + plus any additional cost for stock images. I dont do templates but I do make buttons and headers. :)

    Jules Thanks for the good luck wishes and Im glad you have enjoyed my design.