Apr 5, 2011

{Signing} City of Fallen Angels & Red Glove Release Party


I had a lot of fun last night there were probably I would say over 150 people there or more. I took some pictures of the signing and below are my awesome signatures from the wonderful ladies themselves Cassandra Clare and Holly Black!

We were each given little receipts with with the authors picture and a number of where we are to be in line for the signing.

The store I felt was really super small to have such a big signing held there because the authors were talking and signing in a small area where only a few people could see them. Also a lot of people couldn't get in to listen to the Q&A because it was so crowded. I thought that was a bit of a bummer.

Both Holly and Cassandra was very sweet and considerate
answering a lot of questions and really giving everyone an insight to how they created their characters. We weren't aloud to chit chat too much, even though many girls really took up a lot of time during the signing.

We were there till about 1:45 am
and my friend and I were number 80 and 81, which left lots of people still waiting. It was a slow process but I felt it was nice that each fan was able to get a bit of time to say hello. Im in the picture on the right with the brown hair lol.

I have to say for my tenth or so signing I have attended I really enjoyed the environment and enthusiasm of the fans. Most of course were many years
younger than me, but my gosh did they remember ever detail of every book in each series. One of Cassie's fans a girl about 9 or maybe younger asked about the South Carolina joke, which was someone posted if there was going to be any SC in the books. Cassie didn't know what SC meant (meaning Sexual Content) until later so whenever she discusses that she puts in South Carolina instead of Sexual Content. It was funny and super cute. I don't think that little girl was old enough to know better but oh well lol.

We were also given these awesome wrist bands, there were about
three or four different kinds. I chose the Death Worker, cause its awesome!!

In the end great experience and a load of fun, but I had to slept in today that's for sure.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful event. Thanks for sharing the photos.rerc