Apr 14, 2011

(Review} The Bird Flew Away by Lynda Martin

This Bird Flew Away
by Lynda M. Martin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
GENRE: Women Fiction/Drama
THEME: Coming of Age Story
AUTHOR: Website | Goodreads | This Bird Flew Away


This is a first for me, I’m a reviewer who has specific genres where my heroine is a woman who normally kicks butt and fights monsters. But, I was given a chance from the Enchanted Blog Tour to review: This Bird Flew Away by Lynda M. Martin, which was way out of my element. I have to say I’m glad I took the leap and tried something new.

This is definitely a coming of age story, the heroine in this genre has no powers but she has strength in her personality and instincts that help her survive. The hero is no immortal but a man who is a hero for being caring and protecting, he’s not perfect, neither lead characters are but they are real.

Bria is introduced at the funeral for her stepfather, a man who was horrible and not well liked. This is also where you meet Jack, a young but a lot older family friend who becomes her best friend.

Bria has an extremely hard life ahead of her and the only constant is Jack. The story is written from Bria and her Aunt Mary’s point of view. I’m not a big fan of jumping back and fourth between characters but I do have to add I would of loved to know what Jack was thinking. But this is only my opinion.

A major factor in the book is the relationship between Jack and Bria. At sixteen she feels she’s in love with him, the man that’s always protected her. Since Jack and her have a major gap in difference for their ages it makes for some inappropriate actions, that Jack I felt handles pretty well as he always reminds her to find someone her age. But deep down you can see he has to fight his feeling for her just as much as she does. The end of the book I felt was so right in what happens with the two of them. Lynda M. Martin really did great job in creative sculpting a touching resolve, which will continue on to the next book.

A lot of very sad situations happen in this book, from abuse, to kidnapping, but it really opens the reader’s eye to what some children have gone through in the real word. It’s a story with a message of hope and possibilities and I’m intrigue to see what happens next.

As for a book that doesn’t have any paranormal elements I liked this book. It was a bit tough in the beginning to get into but really flew once I hit the middle and kept my attention. I appreciate the opportunity to read this story even though it was not my normal cup of tea.

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