Apr 29, 2011

{Review Audio Book} Shane's Hideaway by Sheridon Smythe

Author: Sheridon Smythe
Title: Shane's Hideaway
Publisher:  AudioLark Audio Books
Release Date: November 29, 2010
Narration: Marley Michaels


Story: 4 Stars (I liked it)
Narration: 3 Stars (It was okay)

BLURB:An unexpected blizzard, an accident that leads to amnesia, and a baby she doesn't recognize; could the situation get any more complicated? Leanndra DeHart discovers it can when she finds herself in a secluded cabin with a hot cop who invented the word brooding. As she struggles to regain her memory, Leanndra can't ignore the ring on her finger any more than her growing attraction to Shane Knox, the cop with a secret past of his own.
The longer Leendra takes refuge in his cabin, the more questions pile up and the more Shane's cop radar tells him something is very wrong. Is she married? Is she the mother of baby Molly? And what was she doing out in a blizzard with no ID?
Shane knows he must find out what - or who - Leanndra is running from, before their attraction takes them past the point of no return.

Shane's Hideaway was my first ever audio book. I was excited about giving an audio book a go and seeing how I felt about someone reading me a book. It was a great experience and I will definitely be trying out another audio book again. 
This story was also a new experience not only for being an audio but it was also a mystery/romance book.

The story started out with with a great pace, introducing the lead character 
Leanndra just as something bad is about to happen. The mystery of who she is, where she came from and if Molly is her baby had me trying to solve the mystery along with her. Shane is a man who has had it hard in his love life and career, has no idea what hes in for when he brings both the woman and child into his home.

I enjoyed the humor/cute moments with the baby Molly and Shane's dog, they descriptions of how they acted together helped me picture what I was listening too. Shane and Leanndra had a lot of passionate moments that weren't over the top but more on the side of great chemistry and sparks that flew between them.

Marley Michael's was the narrator and I want to add I liked her voice for Leanndra, but that was it. I didn't feel enough emotion in her voice for the situations that needed more impact and a different tone. I really did not like her voice for Shane, but it's hard being a woman trying to sound like a man. Since this is my first audio, I'm not sure how others handle male voices. Also for a baby, the squeals and giggles felt too forced and not child like, but again its a woman doing a baby not always easy.

I recommend this for mystery and romance fans, its a quick listen and the characters are really well describe and have great chemistry. I highly recommend trying out an audio book, I'm glad I did. 

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  1. This is something different from what I normally do.As far as reading a book.From your description from your posting a audio book is some people should check in to.I like a mystery books,and to top it off it has suspense in it.But! I do perfer a book in my hand,but I can also try something different from just a book.Great Post!