Apr 25, 2011

{Interview & Giveaway} Moria Rogers(Bree) of Sabine

Seeing Night Reviews has the honor of having one half of the Moira Rogers duo here to talk about her upcoming book in their new series. Sabine is the first book in “And the Beast” series. I’d like to thank Bree for talking with me and giving me the chance to read Sabine.

My Review is already up: Sabine Review by Moria Rogers

SNRAfter I finished the first book in the Arcana series I discovered that Moira Rogers is a duo. How is it working together with your best friend? Do you discuss the writings of each book together?

BREE: I love writing with my best friend!  Not that it's always easy--we discuss everything together, and always keep going until we come to an agreement. Sometimes that means being irritated with each other, and a lot of the time it means compromise.  But I wouldn't do it any other way.

SNRSabine to me was an emotional story; she has to live a pretty lonely life with everyone forgetting her. How did this idea come about?

BREE: We've wanted to write fairy tale style stories for a while, but we could never decide which one we'd like to use for a basis for a story.  In the end, we decided we might as well write our own!

SNRI have to say Ciar was such an intense and dominate character and of course I enjoyed him. What is your process on creating your strong male characters?

BREE: I think the process is the same for all of our characters.  We think about a type of person, decide what he wants, and decide what made him the way he is. For Ciar, it was easy.  He wants a quiet life with the woman he loves, but he's been shaped by spending years at war.

SNRSince the lions were mentioned in Sabine, are Ciar and Sabine going to be mentioned again in later books?

BREE: They will be appearing again in story #3.  :)

SNRWhat inspired you for the story idea of  “And the Beast” and having wolves and lions as the main “shape shifters”?

BREE: We wanted to explore a fantasy world where enemies had become allies, and it seemed like cats and wolves might fit that well.  ;)  As for the series title, it's our nod to the fact that we're writing our own little fairy tales, as best we can.

SNRHow many books are set for this series? I know Kisri is the second, which I have to say I’m excited to read.

BREE: Thank you!  We have four planned in total. The first two will be out this year, and the final two next year.  They will alternate, though, telling a tale from the wolves, then one from the lions.

SNRWhat are some of your favorite paranormal romance series?

BREE: Oh, I love lots of them! Meljean Brook's Guardians series, Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling books, Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series (which skates the border between paranormal romance and urban fantasy, I think) and Vivian Arend's Granite Lake Wolves. 

SNR: Do you have any interesting writing quirks?

BREE: Hmmm... I write best when I'm distracted.  ;)  I almost never write in a quiet room. There's music, or the TV in the background, and I usually have a few IM windows open, and twitter as well.  I love to multi-task!  It keeps my brain active and excited and firing on all cylinders.

Thank you again!
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