Mar 18, 2011

REVIEW Steam & Sorcery by CindySpencer Pape

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GENRE: Adult, Paranormal Romance

BOOK THEME: Vampires, Magic

SERIES : Gaslight Chronicles

RECEIVED: Arc copy from CarinaPress



The year 1851 in London, Knights exist secretly around the people in England, known as the Order of the Round Table. Magick exists but so do the creatures known as Vampyres. Young girls are going missing and Sir Merrick is tracking down who’s involved. But after a Vampyre attack leaves Merrick with five children who each have a special gift. He decides to take them in, but with the help of a very unusual and alluring Governess.


Caroline Bristol is a young governess who has always been able to take care of herself. Living a life taking care of children and having to deal with their rude, lying and uncaring parents. After leaving a prior job she is asked by her friend Dorothy to help with five special gifted children that are staying with her nephew. The instant spark with Sir Merrick and the immediate soft spot she has for the children, Caroline aka Caro cant refuse.

Through out the book Caroline and Merrick try and figure out where that spark leads them. They also try and solve the case on the missing girls and avoid being constantly attacked by Vampyres. Luckily the children have always been dependent and fought on their own, they help fight with Merrick and Caroline, which makes for good scene with everyone.

The beginning was a little slow for me, I don’t know what it was but I wasn’t drawn in for a while. My favorite parts were the interactions Caroline had with the five children, each such great personalities and gifts that made me really like them all. Another favorite was Caroline and a fellow older knight named Edwin, scenes, he is the tutor of the oldest boy and is very rude and doesn’t like Caroline. They despise each other and its fun to read their scenes together.

The romance in this book was definitely steaming, but was a bit of a surprise on the intensity level of it because the first half of the book wasn’t really focused on them much and more the children. Just a bit of attraction and comments, but they are great together once they do figure everything out.

The setting a descriptions of London in the 1800s was fantastic, I really felt as if I was there by the authors detail of attire, buildings, how people spoke, and the way people treated those who are not noble. It really brought the book into a nice flow. I’m hoping in the second book Pape gets more into the gifts of the children and more about Caroline, on why she has certain effect on things. Also the knights, I want to meet and read more about them and what they do that makes them so secretive. It’s a great start and I can’t wait to read what happens next.


This is an adult novel that carries a lot of adult elements such as, sexual content, violence and mature settings. I would say from ages 18 and up. Recommended for fans of Gail Carriger and Meljean Brook.

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