Mar 27, 2011

Review of Try Me by Parker Blue

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
BOOK THEME: Vampires, Demons
SERIES: Demon Underground #2
RECEIVED: Copy from Bell Bridge Books

Val Shapiro isn’t your ordinary eighteen-year-old girl; she’s a half demon who hunts down vampires. One night while hunting an annoying vampire, Val gets caught in the act by a special unit team who knows about the vampire population. In the second book of the Underground series Val is now working with her Demon friends in tracking down a magical demon book. In the wrong hands this book can hurt demons and vampires, which could start a war. This time around Val and her trusted hellhound Fang get partnered with another Demon, named Shade. Who is much more okay with her Demon half than her last partner. Together they must find the book and help each other fight their own demons inside.


At the end of the last book Val found out other Demons existed, being a half lust demon is hard and luckily she gotten some help. But when some very important books that Val gave to the Underground Demon leader Micah go missing, a whole bundle of crazy comes out.
Not only are these books dangerous to demons, they are deadly to vampires as well. In the wrong hands the demons, vampire and even humans in the special unit work together to find them before a war breaks out.

Since Val needs help controlling her Demon side Lola, Micah tells her that their friend Shade, a shadow demon is willing to assist. In assist, he means help with the lust side. Oh and the lust between Shade and Val is good, both can’t resist the attraction and emotions of each other and a romance starts to blossom. But what about the Detective Dan Sullivan, well I don’t want to give away too much but let say jealousy is always easy to point out.

I really enjoyed the second to this kick butt series, Val is as tough as ever and not backing down in helping both her vampire allies and working with learning more about demons. Through this book you get to meet many demons who have a lot of interesting abilities, someone who can control others moods, one who can control dreams, and many more that keep the thrilling pace and intriguing story.

Her trusted hellhound is back and as humorous as ever, finding a fellow female hellhound to hang out with this time around. He is still Val’s biggest supporter and protector, making sure to help her understand herself and the people around her since he can read their thoughts.

Lots of romance, family drama, kick butt action, and just a great book that keeps you wanting more!


This is a young adult novel, suiting for any age. It has some violence and sexual content. I would recommend to fans that like Rachel Caine, Richelle Mead, or PC Cast...

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