Mar 21, 2011

Review of Bite Me by Parker Blue

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
BOOK THEME: Vampires, Demons
SERIES: Demon Underground #1
RECEIVED: Copy from Hachette Books Group
AUTHOR: Website

Val Shapiro isn’t your ordinary eighteen-year-old girl; she’s a half demon who hunts down vampires. One night while hunting an annoying vampire, Val gets caught in the act by a special unit team who knows about the vampire population. Along with her awesome pet hellhound she works along side a vey good looking detective to fight vampires, figure out how to control her inner demon, and resisting her attraction with her new partner.
Val is a tough motorcycle riding 18 year old who has one hell of a birthday, not only is she caught in the act of killing a vampire by cops, but her half sister tagged along secretly and got her in trouble with their parents, which get her kicked out of her own home and fired from her job all in one night,. Luckily the cops that caught her are a special unit that specializes in tracking down vampires and they need Val’s skills to help them stop the vampire craze. She is partnered up with the very handsome Detective Dan Sullivan. The only hard part about being partnered up with a handsome detective is controlling the urge from her demon half. You see her demon half is a succubus, a lust demon and she is very much attracted to Sullivan.Val is such a great character, I really liked her strength and no matter how harshly her mother is towards her she defends and protects her family. Her mother and stepfather know of Val’s demon half but treat her as if she is not their child. You really hate her mother through out the book because of how cruel she is to Val, like it was Val fault for being born half demon.

My favorite character has to be Fang, Val’s trusty pet hellhound partner that she can communicate with. I loved his bubbly personality and how much he cares and protects Val. He also added to the humor of the story giving its darker sides and light happier aspect. Dan Sullivan the smoking hot detective wasn’t your normal badass guy. He’s still learning about the vampire world and Val helps him along the way, He’s a really good cop and sticks up for Val a lot especially against her mother.

The plot is fantastic, with the good and bad about the vampire world and while along the way the reader learns about Val’s demon side and the underground world that demons exist in. This is the first book in the series so you get a great first look into Val’s world and learn along with her.

This is a young adult novel, suiting for any age. It has some violence, but none that would be too scary for any reader. I would recommend to fans that like Cynthia Hand, Richelle Mead, or PC Cast.

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  1. Yay! I just received this ebook to review and I am so happy to read a great review!

  2. Its a fun read susie! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. It sure sounds like an interesting read!