Sep 18, 2009

Some Girls Bite...Wish I could!

Being an addict to reading I am always in the mood for my favorite genre vampires! I know the industry has been overflowed with new Vampire books because of the success of Twilight, but I loved Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill.

Merit is the main female character who is brought into the vampire world because of being attacked by a rogue vampire on her way home from campus. She was turned by none other than the master vampire of one of the four Chicago Vampire Houses

The story follows her in discovering how to get use to her new life, missing school and "embarrassing" her family is making it all that much harder. I loved the characters that Niell created from Merit herself to her grandfather and her best friend who has her own new life to deal with. What I really enjoyed was the vampire world, they had just came out to the word and to become a vampire you have to be chosen and turned into one by the head of the house. That's what makes this story interesting is that Merit didn't give consent and she has to deal with a love hate relationship to her sire and master of her house.

Great book with awesome humor and full of action and twist, I never got bored and I highly recommend this new series and author!

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